Mobile Yantra – frequencies into motion

The Mobile Yantra Project takes the original material from our installation Frequencies in Motion into a new spin: Recording it from tablets, portable DVD players and other small screen gadgets left in contrasting environments.

As the Yantra are situated in new spaces, the original images and sounds will absorb elements from its surroundings and transform them into a base for this project.

Within the Mobile Yantra Project the recorded material is cut, mixed, manipulated or kept, just as is and presented in a series of short, low tech, everyday video-stories from around the globe.

You can follow the project on the MultiSounds Yantra Youtube Channel or here at the Formlab homepage.

Mobile Yantra – frequencies into motion.
Episode 1 – Højer Mølle, October 2022

Mobile Yantra – frequencies into motion.
Episode 2 – Ribe October 2022

Mobile Yantra – frequencies into motion.
Episode 3 – Nogawa-East.

Composer and musician, Jakob Draminsky Højmark

Jakob Draminsky Højmark

Danish musician and composer with a special interest in stagemusic, electroacustics, musique concréte, intermedia, improvisation and microtuning. For more information:

Christina Weisgard - Vallodolid ,Mexico 2017

Christina Weisgard

Attended Art School in Copenhagen.
Webdesigner, writer and artist.
Was involved in running Gallery Guggen in Stockholmsgade Kbh. 2005-2009
Worked with consciousness research in Guatemala 2009, 2010 & 2012
Member of the artist group Formlab 2020